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Monireh was born in Tehran (Iran). She started painting at the age of 15. When she was 20, she joined the PETGAR-Djafar Studio where she worked for several years.
She moved to Paris in 1976 and started painting on porcelain in 1980 at the Atelier A.D.A.C. in Paris.
After a learning period and some years of working around Western themes and subjects, she directed her focus on a deep study of Persian Art, discovering an extremely interesting, particularly rich, thousand-year-old heritage.
Since then, she has always tried to create figures that are inspirations of original works.
On most of her paintings, you can find birds; She says:

“ Birds are the best symbols of freedom. ”

She has participated in several exhibitions and held conferences, namely in Paris at the Association Culture Libre about the History of Persian Ceramic, which was then published in Rahavard magazine in the US.

“ How can one be insensitive to a child's beautiful smile ?
How can one smell a perfume of love and friendship and remain untouched ?
How can one be indifferent, when one sees young people risk their life for freedom and justice ?
What can I possibly do?
Nothing that is immediately useful. I dive in an absolute silence, and with my brushes and colors, I pour my cries of joy and sadness on my porcelains.


Main Exhibitions :

2017   Exposition collective Galerie Linda Farell - 9 au 12/03 Paris – France
from 2015 to 2019
from 1985 to 1998
  Exposition personnelle Galerie Linda Farell
Exposition de société des Beaux-Arts
Grand Palais, Salon des Artistes Indépendants
Paris – France
Boulogne Billancourt - France
Paris – France
1993   Harvard University Cambridge - U.S.A
from 1985 to 1987   Salon des Artistes du 16ème Arrondissement Paris - France
1986   Salon International des Seigneurs de l’Art Marseille – France
1986   International des Jeunes Peintres et Sculptures Metz - France
1985   Salon International des Seigneurs de l’Art Avignon - France
1985   Grand prix des 7 Collines de la Ville Eternelle Rome - Italie
1985   Art expo 85 Espace Délpha Paris - France
1985   Biennale National des Femmes Peintres Châtellerault - France
1984   26ème Salon des Artistes Saumurois Saumur - France
1983   Expo- Ventes Collectives, le Marché Persan Paris - France

Awards :

  First Prize Marseille - France
  Gold Medal Avignon - France
  Silver Medal Metz - France
  Bronze Medal Rome - Italie
  Silver Medal Saumur - France
  Diplôme d’ honneur de l’Association Art Plastique Châtellerault - France